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Our values


Caring for the quality of our products is an integral part of our production. The quality of input materials from our suppliers and the quality of the work performed by our employees are checked. Our products are monitored during production and finally at the workplaces of final inspection according to the requirements of our customers.

We regularly undergo standard quality management audits (ISO: 9001, IATF: 16969, ISO: 14001) and audits by our customers.



Care for environmental protection at DUP includes the selectiong of suitable productrion materials that do not have and extreme impact on the environment. Furthermore, care for cleanliness of the production proces and the minimization of harmful emissions in the vicinity of the production plants. Measurements of emissions into the air as well as measurements of emissions into watercourses are carried out regularly and they shor favorable serults.

Production wase is neutralized, e.g. in the neutralization station of the electroplating plant, sorted and stored and disposed of in the prescibed manner.

Recently, the production of DUP is switching to the use of environmentally acceptable materials or materials that can be recycled and used in the circular economy.


Global and local approach

DUP cooperates with customers and business partners within Czech Republic, in the countries of the European Union and beyond. In addition to trade with foreing partners, DUP develops ecenomic and social relationship at the local level by cooperating with local suppliers and customers, employing people from the immediate vicinity, supporting local sports, cultural and charitable associations and events.


Health and Safety

The work processes at DUP correspond to the legal standards of hygieny and occupational safety, which are regularly checked at workplaces by internal and state authorities. DUP employees are aquipped with the necessary protective work equipment.


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