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About us

The metal production of cutlery and manicure products was founded by DUP in 1949 in Nový Rychnov near Pelhřimov. German knifemaker Anton Fritz, who married and started a family in Bohemia, participated in the introduction of this production in DUP. Anton Fritz trained as a knifemaker in Solingen, a German town in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is famous for its knifemaking tradition dating back to the deep Middle Ages.

By combining the experience from Solingen with the craftsmanship of Czech workers, the production of manicure tools was created, which, thanks to the favorable ratio of quality and price, began to be used on the domestic and foreign markets.

Gradually, the metal industry expanded the use of technological equipment also for cooperation in the production of small metal parts for clients in other industrial fields, offering them precise cutting, pressing, hardening, nickel plating, CNC machining, turning, electroerosive machining, heat treatment, wire program and production of precision tools shear.

The KOVO division includes a metal fabrication plant in Nové Rychnov with approximately 40 employees. KOVO has at its disposal a press shop with classic presses as well as presses for precise cutting. It also operates a line of surface treatments, galvanic hinge and drum plating, uses machines for precision machining and has its own tool shop for the production of pressing tools.

The KOVO division is a traditional manufacturer of scissors, tweezers, files and other instruments used for manicures and pedicures. Precision cutting, pressing, electroplating, heat treatment including dewatering and other technologies are also used for cooperative mass production of smaller metal parts for clients in the electrical, automotive and other industries.

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